The Balm Of GIilead To The Devastating Health Sector Of Lisa Kingdom

All hope has been lost concerning the health sector of Lisa community and its environs. For years, the communities have been without a healthcare centre that attends to health-related issues.
But, this changed when Oba Oladele Odugbemi stepped into the situation. He founded a Non-governmental Organization for the sake of his community’s development.
The monarch took the decisive step of establishing a Foundation that became officially recognized in 2013.
The Foundation is concerned with attending to the needs of Lisa community as well as the neighbouring communities.
Between the period of establishment, registration and now, Oladele Odugbemi Foundation has built a fully equipped Community Healthcare Center for the people of Lisa and as well renders all sorts of assistance to the health centre when the need arises.
“Oladele Odugbemi Foundation has been the source of hope to the Health Sector of the Lisa community.”

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